We are a charity registered with the UK Charities Commission with contract number 1177525. Our approved mission is to provide information and raise awareness regarding eating disorders and to generate funds that will support individuals who are suffering. Our Trustees are Doug McLaren, Joanne McLaren, Tom McLaren, Alicia Freeman (soon to be Alicia McLaren), Amy Lee and Theo Amu. None of the Trustees take any remuneration from the charity funds, it all goes to support the individuals. Thus far, we have worked in association with BEAT, who provide excellent information and education to help youngsters and prevent the disorders at an early stage. We have also aligned with ReWrite Your story who also provide excellent information and education, but, more significantly for us, also provide specialist counselling on the front line for individuals suffering with an eating disorder. The NHS, as we all know, has limited funds and has to use its resources as it sees fit. ReWrite Your Story fills a large gap in the system and has a significantly high success rate in counselling sufferers and their families. So far we have sponsored eleven individuals (up to the end of 2020) who needed help with 30 weeks each of specialist counselling. These are huge challenges for the individual and we have had some really positive outcomes. Our Testimonial Page has some feedback from the individuals The Molly McLaren Foundation and ReWrite Your Story have helped.

We are really proud of what we and our partners have achieved and will continue the battle.