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Q - How do I arrange a free site visit and quotation?

A - You can call us on the numbers at the top and bottom of the page. You can email us. You can fill in our enquiry form, it only takes a minute to complete.

Q - I have some broken timber posts that I want repaired but I don't want to replace the entire fence, what options are there?

A - We can either replace the posts or, if appropriate, use concrete repair spurs.

Q - My fence needs replacing but the posts look fine, do I have to replace the whole fence including the posts?

A - If you have slotted concrete posts and panels we can slot in new panels provided the posts are still vertical. If you have a closeboard fence we can replace the Arris rails and featheredge boards. However in the case of timber posts It is worth noting if the posts have been installed for a considerable time and some have snapped and some have not, the ones that appear OK may only be a strong gust of wind away from snapping.

Q - Do I need to treat my new timber fence?

A - Not immediately, all timber fence products we use are pre-treated with preservative but will fade in colour after a number of years. You can bring it back to life with any good fence / shed treatment.

Q - Can I save money by using 'Met-post' spikes instead of concrete foundations for my posts?

A - We do not use them as they are strictly a DIY shortcut and will inevitably lead to leaning posts.

Q - Do you require a deposit before work can start?

A - No, we never ask for any payment in advance. You pay us only when the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

Q - Do you take the old fencing away?

A - If you want us to dispose of your old fencing / gates we will take it to the commercial tip. There will be a reasonable charge for this.

Q - Why are Lynx Fencing not associated with 'Approved Trader' type websites?

A - We believe these type of websites only benefit themselves and not traders and definitely not the public. We have heard instances of traders being recommended when none of their work has been vetted when the website claims all traders are vetted. This is not the fault of the fencing contractors, it is simply bogus (and illegal) claims by the websites. How can a national service vet local traders all round the country? They can't. For that reason alone we will not get involved with them as they are out to make money at the expense of genuine traders. We rely on our good name and the recommendations of our past clients.